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If you have dreams, youthful and ambitious, but you’ve been always willing to find a platform for your talent. Dream, freedom, possibility, DSI can offer more than just a well-paid job. Dream starts here.


Qingdao DSI Logistics Co.,LTD was established in 2004, which is a Class-A forwarding agency approved by the ministry of communications. It is a member of WCA (World Cargo Alliance). We have a good long-term corporation relationship with more than 300 forwarding agencies, and the service network has covered countries from all over the world. As the company's growth and development, in response to the market demand, we successfully established DSI Shanghai, Lianyungang, Shenzhen, Tianjin branches. We maintain good partnership with many shipping companies. We have preferential freight rates, prompt and thoughtful services. 

DSI Logistics Co., LTD. has been committed to the development of international cooperation business. It is mainly engaged in container business, supplemented by bulk cargo, air transport and domestic trade. It has a comprehensive global agency network and nearly 200 highly qualified employees.

Now, such a professional, responsible and energetic company is expanding its team!

We are what you are looking for, DSI needs you!


(1) Office with sea view.

(2)We have a beautiful and comfortable office

(3)There are also strong department teams and a warm working atmosphere.

-----join us-----

1. You will enter an industry based on professionalism and service, we understand the needs of each customer with enthusiasm and care, 

and create different solutions tailored to different customers.

2.You can choose to start your ambitions in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Qingdao, Lianyungang and so on.

3、You can bring your work ideas to the table. We promote harmony and efficiency.

4. Most of the company's members are mainly born in the 80s and 90s.

5. Everyone in the company has a right to speak. There is no position here.

6. Industry leaders will teach professional experience, you can learn "practical experience" that you can't learn in colleges.

7. The company holds a grand annual event every year.

8. You won’t miss all the good food! LOL

What We Offer

1. Paid training + basic salary + high performance + insurance + year-end bonus +weekends. Achieving employee’s success is one of DSI's corporate laws! 

2. The normal working hour is 7.5hours/day; enjoy all national holidays and paid annual vacation. 

3. 12 departments, faster promotion opportunities: The logistics industry is the real rising industry, as long as you show your ability, you can quickly become the 

elite in various positions!

Staff Bookshelf 

DSI can offer you with positions that reflect your own value.

Operations Assistant: Job responsibilities

Responsible for the production, verification, modification, uploading and entry of various documents.

Manage your files properly and archive them as required

Complete other daily tasks explained by superiors.

Airline customer service: job responsibilities

Assist the shipping line to maintain the relationship between shipping companies and understand relevant information. 

Coordinate the sales department directly to participate in the quotation of each good.

Accumulate good channel relationships and promote route development

Timely and accurately respond to inquiries related to sales colleagues.

Freight Forwarding Sales: job responsibilities
Develop and maintain new and old customers, and provide customers with satisfactory logistics, customs clearance, and warehousing solutions

 Can independently carry out the work of receiving goods, open up the market, consolidate customers, and those with sources of goods are preferred.

Overseas Sales: job responsibilities

Responsible for the maintenance and development of the company's overseas markets.

 Learn sales skills, improve sales capabilities, pinpoint customer needs, and promote customer cooperation.

Understand old customers and provide good service to customers.

Shipping Operations: job responsibilities

Operate the entire expressway for maritime exports.

Maintain good communication with colleagues and customers during business operations.

Archive and storage of files.

Contact US

Please send your resume to the company email below (note the position that you apply)

Contact:applicants please contact Human Resource 电话:18953238221 Manager Zhang

Company Website:WWW.DSI-LOG.COM  

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Qingdao Branch:ROOM.17E,Huanhai Building,No.2 Mid Donghai RD, Qingdao, Shandong 266000

Shanghai Branch: Hualong Building, No.333. South Suzhou RD. Huanghai District

Shenzhen Branch: ROOM. C231, Ruien Building, Xinxiu village, Xinxiu RD, Luohu District

Tianjin Branch: ROOM.3011,Unit1, Jingcai Building. No.459, SOuth FAgu RD. Hexi District

Lianyungang Branch: ROOM.16E, Gangkou Building, No.18. West Zhongshan RD.,