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DSI 2020 Annual Ceremony



The ceremony officially started, and now we offer warmth and deep love to everyone. For 16 years, we have met because of DSI, we shared our passion and love.
Here, we work together to create our own memories 

General Manager Liu's Speech 

At the annual ceremony of DSI, the "Ten Year Award", "Attendance Award" and "Individual Outstanding Contribution Award" were specially presented to thank everyone for their contributions.

DSI's ingenuity has presented us with a different annual ceremony. Let's take a look at the highlights of the DSI Logistics 2020 Conference!

Raffle Section

This is the most anticipated part of the annual event of DSI, as long as the raffle appears, it will instantly ignite the audience.

 Iphone 11, Dyson vacuum cleaner, Airpods Apple headphones, HanJingji's mop, Skg neck protector, and practical Xiaomi rice cooker,

 as well as the final cash red envelope!

Fun Game Section

Hello, 2020

Gorgeous main perspective, cool lighting, exquisite photo wall, handsome guys and beautiful ladies gathered. DSI's own home is so stylish. 

That being said, it is a good time to take some pictures and send them to friends!